Magic Masks

Another collaborative project. I did game design, level design and systems design. This game was invited to E3 as part of the student competition and placed in the top 5 out of 400 schools. Check out the game’s website.

Treasure Dash

A collaborative project. I did the systems design.

Color Blaster

A project for an assignment, the theme : Opposites.


Mine Maze

A project focusing on Sound.


Zombie Platform Shooter

A project I did for class focusing on a Gun System, Character Input, Environment and Sound. Art Assets from BitGem.


Pathfinding and Turn Order

A quick update to discuss some basic mechanics I’ve been working into my prototype. After setting up the grid I have implemented an algorithm which will count outward from a selected grid space and count outward taking obstacles into count. I will be using this algorithm to count spaces characters can move within the grid as well as measuring distance for attacks. I’ve also created a basic system to track the order of teams in anticipation for turn order in the game. My plan is to use a squad based turn system akin to the X-COM games as opposed to the classic final fantasy or dungeons and dragons approach to turns.

My next goal is to have a character on a grid space be selected then and have the ability to move between a set number of spaces.


Android Development

Just a quick update. It took some time but I have been able to configure unity to Build to my Kindle Fire HD and after brushing up on touch controls I decided that this game would be best if it were mobile. Not only would it make showing the game easier, I think its also a great opportunity to get better with mobile development and to learn how best to design with touch controls.



Whenever I come across a scripting problem with an elusive solution I will sometimes set it aside and go to work on something else in order to keep my frustration from building to much. As a result I’ve been doing some work with UI elements, specifically the icons required during battle sequences. These icons represent 4 of the major character attributes in Treasure Tower’s battle system.

Attribute Icons

From Top Left to Bottom Right: Attack, Health, Defense, and Magic



First Post!

Hello! This blog is dedicated to the production of my graduate thesis project while working to earn a MFA in Game Development at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.  While studying at the Academy I have focused on Systems Design and Scripting.

Focusing on Systems Design, the primary goal of my thesis is to create a Turn-Based Tactical RPG. Using previous game such as Dungeons & Dragons and Final Fantasy Tactics for inspiration, I will be creating my own battle and inventory systems.

The games in this genre share simple core mechanics and systems:

  • ›Square Grid metrics
  • ›Character advancement
  • ›Item collection

My goal is to create a cohesive set of systems that explores those mechanics by focusing on balance, progression, strategy, and fun. The project will be created in Unity using C# script and an iterative prototyping process and the Agile method.

Lich Town concept