First Post!

Hello! This blog is dedicated to the production of my graduate thesis project while working to earn a MFA in Game Development at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.  While studying at the Academy I have focused on Systems Design and Scripting.

Focusing on Systems Design, the primary goal of my thesis is to create a Turn-Based Tactical RPG. Using previous game such as Dungeons & Dragons and Final Fantasy Tactics for inspiration, I will be creating my own battle and inventory systems.

The games in this genre share simple core mechanics and systems:

  • ›Square Grid metrics
  • ›Character advancement
  • ›Item collection

My goal is to create a cohesive set of systems that explores those mechanics by focusing on balance, progression, strategy, and fun. The project will be created in Unity using C# script and an iterative prototyping process and the Agile method.

Lich Town concept